Do you want to know more about the products and services of FOURNARAKIS S.A.? Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions by our partners. If your question is not included below, find a different way to contact us here.

1. What warranty does the tool I bought have?

The warranty time of each tool or machine varies depending on the brand, but also the use for which it is intended (amateur or professional). To find out more, you can click here.

2. The tool I bought is broken. How can I repair it?

For your convenience, you can contact the point of purchase of the product. Alternatively, you can contact the call center, which will inform you as to the nearest sale point to you.

3. Can I send my tool to the dealership for repair by myself?

Tools and machinery are handled to and from our official repair shop center exclusively through our network of partners. As a result, you cannot be served directly.

4. After how long will I get my tool back repaired?

The return time of your repaired tool or machine varies depending on the shipping method that you will choose, as well as with the completeness of the information that accompanies it (proof of purchase). Time repair varies depending on the brand and availability of spare parts and can be up to 24 hours short. Learn more here.

5. What happens if, eventually, I do not wish to repair the tool I first sent?

In this case you are charged the minimum of the pre-estimation cost and any shipping costs. Your tool or machine is returned assembled and complete. The company is not responsible for loss of functionality during pre-assessment, due to inability to restore the product in the functionality received, without replacing parts of it.

6. I lost the manufacturer's user manual. How can I find it again?

Find and download the user manuals, the exploded views and technical and safety data sheets that interest you and familiarize yourself with your tools and machines, choosing the appropriate category. They include useful information on use, composition, assembly, as well as how to deal with possible problems. Select the category of product you are interested in, as well as the brand – F.F. GROUP, BENMAN, FLEX, SKIL, ANNOVI REVERBERI, MORRIS, SOUDAL, ALIBERTI, RAINBIRD – and find the appropriate documents here.

7. Can I buy spare parts to repair the tool by myself?

You can find the exploded views here and download them for free in electronic form. However, it is recommended that no repairs and interventions are made by unauthorized personnel, for reasons of safety and repair warranty.

8. How do I find a partner of yours in my area?

Find easily a selected partner, wherever you are in Greece. FOURNARAKIS S.A. distributes its tools and machines through a network of selected partners all over Greece, which is constantly developing. Choose between F.F. GROUP, SKIL, FLEX and ANNOVI REVERBERI, fill in the area that serves you and the category of product you want and find the nearest selected store to you here.