Our Facilities

Our facilities serve the needs of both maintaining extremely high levels of stock, as well as our intense export activity.


The facilities of FOURNARAKIS S.A. are consistent with the continuous investment we make in development. Our product range expansion in hand tools, as well as the addition of corded, cordless, petrol and diesel tools, along with our intense export activity, led to the extension of the building facilities.

With a range of hand tools and power tools addressed to both professionals and home users, we provide the modern hardware store with a complete solution, and thus, as its main supplier, our responsibility towards them increases.

Our Facilities at a glance


Land Area


storage and distribution area


office space


repacking area


showroom space


service center facilities


privately owned trucks

Our Showroom

One of the most important parts of FOURNARAKIS SAs facilities is its showroom. It is an exhibition of 500m², in which 120 stands are set up, with thousands of SKUs presented in a standard way of set up. These modern projections provide every hardware store with a complete business proposal, even for the set up and retail design service, that it could implement, thus achieving a better shopping experience for the final consumer and, consequently, increasing profitability.

A plethora of commercial meetings with partners take place in this area, giving them the opportunity to get to know the company and its philosophy up close and to understand the right ways to promote tools, both hand and power tools, which will help their store go one step ahead, while at the same time they are provided with product trainings that keep them informed about any new element of the industry.

Finally, in the showroom, the commercial meetings are held, as well as the trainings of the company's salesmen, since the appropriate spaces are offered for the necessary tests of the tools. 

Continuous Investment

Our facilities are expanding to 2 buildings of 18.000m², in a total area of 65.000m² and our main goal is the new expansion that will be part of Building 2 and is expected in 2023. In this way, the needs created by the strategy of maintaining high levels of stock, the ever-increasing export sales, but also the addition of new items and the new collaborations and representations of foreign brands are served. So, we continue to move forward with perseverance and determination, so that every next day we will be better than the previous one, motivated by our goal, which is none other than the continuous support of our network of partners in Greece and abroad.

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Who We Are
FOURNARAKIS S.A., with a long history since 1948, is one of the leading suppliers of industrial tools and machinery in Greece, which, today, successfully provides a complete business proposal to its hardware stores-partners.
Partners' Network
Our network of partners for the distribution of our hand and power tools is the largest network in field, with more than 1.500 retailers in the hardware industry.
International Presence
Our international presence operates today in 21 countries, in Europe and the Balkans, and our products are exhibited in over 2,000 stores.