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FLEX, based in Germany, was founded in 1922 under the original name "Ackermann & Schmitt", producing the first grinding machine with an electric motor and flexible shaft MS 6. It became widely known in 1954, with the production of the first DL 9 high-speed angle grinder, with FLEX brand becoming synonymous with the angle grinder in Germany. Through continuous innovation and focus on quality, performance and detail, FLEX becomes famous worldwide and receives multiple distinctions.

High Quality

Greek market knows FLEX for its angle grinders’, polishers’ and giraffes’ high performance and construction quality. Professionals such as blacksmiths, marble craftsmen, and painters are well aware that no other brand has similar strength. Following the acquisition of FLEX by the CHERVON Group in 2013, the company has grown into one of the most premium power tool brands in the world, expanding the scope of its range. Hammer drills, rotary hammers, mixers, lasers, sanders, tape grinders and satin washers, stand out for high construction quality, performance, ergonomics and of course for their extremely long service life.

The Power Tools of FLEX

Strength, durability, high performance, long service life and ergonomics are the priorities of FLEX and according to them, its range of power tools includes: 


Patented Battery System

With cordless power tools, FLEX sets new quality and performance standards in their field. Even when the power requirements are the highest, for example drilling and screwing large diameters, then FLEX system ensures the maximum life time required by the user. A unique innovation, that is also the basis of excellent performance of cordless FLEX power tools, is the battery cells that are coated with active refrigerant material that dramatically reduces heat accumulation. The patented KEEP COOL™ & KEEP CONTROL™ technology guarantees: 

  • +50% charge cycles (longer battery life) 

  • +70% life time per charge 

This battery system offers dozens of solutions, since a single battery fits perfectly in a huge range of power tools, designed from professionals to professionals. With the launch of FLEX PACKS – set of battery tools in unique prices- professionals now have the opportunity to make a top-performing toolkit, benefiting from this period’s offers. 


Ec-Brushless engines

EC-BRUSHLESS technology allows the user to work effectively, with high power, for a longer period of time and most importantly, without the need for service. Brushless engines are extremely durable and really strong, ideal for demanding tasks. FLEX, by using this technology, has created both cordless and corded tools, creating a superior range for maximum performance and effectiveness in a wide range of applications. The brushless engine gives the tool: 

  • +65% better performance 

  • 10x times longer service life 

  • +30% more engine power 

  • Minimal service costs 


FLEX in Greece

FOURNARAKIS S.A. gets the exclusive representation and distribution of the brand for Greece in 2019, making it the No1 choice of professionals, while managing to reduce prices by up to 50%, thus offering the leading tools of the market at the most competitive prices. In Greece, a network of selected partners is created, which aims at all professionals in the field of construction, renovation and industry to get to know the top quality of FLEX.


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