Cookies Policy

This personal data protection policy, hereinafter referred to as "the Policy", concerns the collection, processing, storage and use of your personal information collected during your visit to website and its subdomain hereinafter referred to as "the website", of the company under the name "FOURNARAKIS S.A." based in Aspropyrgos, Attica, 9.5 km. Attiki Odos side road (exit 4), P.C. 19 300, NO. M.A.E.: 50984/03/B/02/16/(2007), hereinafter referred to as "the Company". The Company is responsible for the collection, storage, processing and use of personal data in accordance with the meaning of Greek law and legislation on the protection of personal data.  

The protection of personal data is very important for our Company. We ensure full compliance with Law 2472/1997, as in force from time to time, and any law in force or to come into force in the future regarding the protection of personal data, as well as EU Regulation No. 679/2016 "on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC", and we process Personal Data in accordance with the applicable basic principles. This data protection policy (the "Cookies Policy") explains how we use your personal data (i) when you register or visit our website, or (ii) when you contact or request information from us. 

  1. Purpose of Civil Protection 

This Privacy Policy explains our approach to any personal information we collect from you and the purposes for which we process your personal information. It also describes your rights with respect to the processing of your personal information. This Privacy Policy informs you about the nature of your personal information processed by our Company and how you can request that we delete, process, transmit and / or offer you access to it. This Privacy Policy is intended to assist you in making informed decisions when using our Website and Services and/or to understand how your personal information is processed by the Company. 
Take some time to read and understand it. Please also note that this Cookies Policy applies only to the use of your personal information we have received from you. 

  1. How to contact us 

You can address all your questions or requests regarding the protection of your personal data held by the Company to the Contact Form.

  1. Data we collect 

We collect information about you to provide our services. In order to provide our services to you in the best possible way and in order to fulfill our contractual obligations, it is necessary to be able to collect and use the data described in this Policy. 


  1. Data we collect from you 

When you visit our Website, we store the name of your Internet service provider, the website you come from, our websites you visit, the date and duration of your visit, as well as information about the device (manufacturer, model, operating system) and browser you use. The above aims to facilitate your access, optimize your experience during your visit to the Website, provide personalized advertising material as well as the continuous upgrading of our website.  

  1. Data we collect by automated means

When you use our Website, your device automatically provides us with data so that we can serve and adapt our response to you. The type of information we collect by automated means generally includes technical information about your computer, such as the IP address or other identifier of the device, the type of device you are using, and the version of the operating system. The data we collect may also include usage information and statistics about your interaction with the website. It can also include information about the URLs of the web pages you visited, the pages mentioned and the exit pages (referring / exit / pages), page views, time spent on a page, number of clicks, type of platform, location data (if you have enabled access to your location) and other information about how you use the platform. 
This information is collected using Cookies and other similar tracking technologies. Please note that if you disable the Cookies we use, your browsing on the Website will be affected and in some cases it will no longer be functional. 

The types of Cookies we use are the following: 

  • Functionality Cookies: They allow the execution of basic functions of the Website. 

  • Identification Cookies: They refer to the login details of a registered user, in order to recognize his entry into the system and to provide him with the service offered. 

  • Advertising cookies: They are used to serve and deliver ads, to personalize ads, to limit the number of times an ad is shown to a user, to mute ads that you have chosen to stop seeing, and to measure the effectiveness of ads. 

  • Anonymous Cookies for traffic statistics: Each time you visit the Website, anonymous Cookies are generated to collect traffic statistics. 

  • Advertising preferences cookies: They store users' preferences regarding the services they have browsed, in order to display relevant advertisements on third-party websites, depending on their interests, without personal identification. 

If you wish you can: 

  • Disable Cookies in your browser and/or 

  • Opt out of Google Analytics advertising features. 

However, if you choose to disable them, we may not be able to properly provide you with all the features offered on our services. Each of these services has a privacy policy and the use of Cookies and are in line with the GDPR. More details on the terms of use of Google Analytics and Facebook Cookies can be found at the following links:   

  1. Who receives and processes your data 

Access to your information can only be granted to our duly authorized employees or external partners acting on our behalf, for the above-mentioned processing purposes, providing us with IT services for the recording and storage of your data, and / or operating services of our Website. The retention period may vary significantly depending on the type of data and how it is used. The determination of data retention time is based on criteria such as statutory retention periods, pending or potential disputes, intellectual property or property rights, contractual requirements, operational instructions or needs, and historical archiving. 

Granting permission for advertising purposes: expressly reserves the right to display its logo on all content and service pages without exception (e.g. newsletter), as well as on the website it provides to its users for the publication / posting of content by them (sections and services of personal content, communication, etc.), to display its logo and advertising-promotional messages of any type, technology, dimension and size (stamp, banner, pop up, webover, full view, intersistial, advertorials, text links, etc.). has no responsibility for the communication of its users with third party providers of services and products advertised on the and for any commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between them. 

  1. Your rights 

Our company ensures your rights regarding the processing of your personal data and their exercise. You have the right to: 

  • Request access to your personal data. 

  • Request a correction if it's inaccurate or incomplete. 

  • Request their deletion, unless their processing is necessary for the exercise of the legal rights of the company or third parties for the fulfillment of a legal obligation, for reasons of public interest or for the defense of our legal rights before judicial or other authorities. 

  • Request the restriction of the processing of your personal data only for specific purposes. 

  • Withdraw at any time your consent to the processing of your personal data for advertising purposes and / or targeted advertising using the above contact details. In this case, their processing by us for these purposes will be stopped, without this affecting the legality of each processing until the withdrawal of your consent. 

  1. Changes to the Usage Policy 

In any case, the Company reserves the right to modify, when necessary, the terms of this privacy policy.  
The last update of the Privacy Policy was made on 14/10/2022. 


A visit to our website constitutes unconditional acceptance of these terms.