The Leader in Professional Tile Cutting Tools

About the Brand​

Since 1946, the Italian Brevetti Montolit™ has been developing, producing and distributing a wide range of premium patented high-tech professional tile cutting tools, designed to meet even the most demanding needs of professionals. With an impressive track record and presence in more than 100 countries, it is the leader in tile cutters. Its goal is to perfect the quality of work on-site through innovative solutions, reducing installation time, and increasing profits for the professional end-user.

Brevetti = Patent

​Brevetti Montolit™ products are covered by international patents, ensuring the protection of the interests of the professional-end user as he can always be ahead with its unique and state-of-the-art products. The name Brevetti in Italian means patent and it is no coincidence as over the years it has patented more than 500 products.

Research & Development

​The new, harder tiles prompted the technical R&D department to design and develop new innovative cutting and drilling systems.​

​In order to guarantee the quality that has always distinguished its products, Brevetti Montolit™ has created special departments for the design and production of its tools. About twenty years ago, Brevetti Montolit S.p.A entered the competitive market of diamond tools, creating a reference factory that combines high productivity with unrivalled quality standards.

Brevetti Montolit™ in Greece

​The Brevetti Montolit tools in Greece will be made available to a selected exclusive network of our partners, who will benefit from the high quality of this brand, as well as the undoubtedly sales, profitability and increase of the clientele​ FOURNARAKIS S.A. is distinguished for its dedication to providing high quality products that meet the needs of professionals in the field. The addition of Brevetti Montolit™ products to our product portfolio confirms our ability to provide complete ranges of reliable solutions for demanding tasks of all professional categories and strengthens our position in the market of professional tiles.

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