Partners' Network

Our network of partners for the distribution of our hand and power tools is the largest network in field, with more than 1.500 retailers in the hardware industry.

We Select The Dominant Stores

Committed to our unwavering principle of serving and respecting the distribution network and our clients, contrary to market trends, we do not distribute our products through intensive distribution channels such as DIY chain stores, super markets and online-only stores, as we do not address their clientele, even when this concerns construction companies or public works. In a rapidly evolving market, with ecommerce gaining an increasingly leading role, we believe that the solution for the physical hardware store to differentiate is expertise and know-how, as well as investing in interpersonal relationships with end-customers, providing immediate and personalized service.

FOURNARAKIS S.A. is strategically developing through a network of partners, consisting of selected and dominant stores of each region, which share our company’s values and vision for the future. It consists of:

  • Independent retail hardware stores
  • Independent and small local home-improvement stores
  • Industrial equipment Stores
  • Stores for agricultural supply
  • Ironmongery stores

We constantly offer new growth opportunities to our
partners, aiming to ensure success of their business.

We Create Value In Our Customers' Businesses

The consistently exceptional quality of products and services that we provide, gives us the advantage to create partnerships that last. End-user satisfaction, whether it refers to professional craftsmen or Diyers, as a result of the excellent execution of our own work, is important for maintaining our strong distribution network. Our goal is to build strong partnerships that will create value, both in our business and in the customers' businesses. Aiming to become all our partners’ preferred supplier, we provide our network with unique advantages:

  • A well-balanced portfolio of profitable quality products that fully meet the needs of both professionals and Diyers.
  • The highest value for money ratio
  • 100% stock availability with 24-hour delivery and zero omissions, through our state-of-the-art logistics center
  • Supporting our customers with integrated marketing and merchandising solutions, aiming at excellent product display at the point of sale
  • After sales service and warranty coverage for all our exclusive power tools’ brands distributions
  • Innovative proposals and solutions of high Quality 

Benefits at a glance


of topmost stores in each region

Full Ranges

of hand and power tools


Stock Availability

Best Value

for money


Order Execution



Perfect Store Set Up

Attractive visual displays

Marketing Support

customized material


per each item

Improved Service Through Our International Presence

Our international distribution network is also steadily growing, mainly in the European market and is now listing more than 2.000 carefully selected points of sale, which are the topmost stores for professional tradesmen and industrial customers in the respective countries. Thus, FOURNARAKIS S.A. gains access to more developed - as regards our industry- markets, such as Italy, or Ireland which enables us to transfer valuable experience and knowledge to the domestic market, regarding:

  • Best practices
  • New business models and ideas
  • All the latest developments in the field

This makes us increasingly better, adding value and benefits to our domestic network of partners, which enjoys better service.


International Presence
Our international presence operates today in 21 countries, in Europe and the Balkans, and our products are exhibited in over 2,000 stores...
Our Facilities
Our facilities serve the needs of both maintaining extremely high levels of stock, as well as our intense export activity.
Who We Are
FOURNARAKIS S.A., with a long history since 1948, is one of the leading suppliers of industrial tools and machinery in Greece, which, today, successfully provides a complete business proposal to its hardware stores-partners.