Maximum safety, Excellent quality,
Absolute reliability

About the Brand

In order to develop products that will offer the ultimate safety at home and work, FF GROUP TOOL INDUSTRIES developed a range of high quality security products, ander the brand HUGO LOCKS.   

The brand was launched in 2010 and since then, it offers products of excellent design and maximum strength. HUGO LOCKS products are known for their technologically advanced production processes, their top quality raw materials and their competitive prices. 

Insistence on quality, with continuous and demanding tests and with the procedures of final quality control of production, ensure that HUGO LOCKS products can block most burglary attempts, ranking them to top security products.


  • Padlocks: A range that includes different types of body materials and dowels, in order to give safety features to the padlock. Combination padlocks and special applications complete the series. 
  • Locks: The locks for the front and middle doors of wood and aluminum are manufactured with high-quality raw materials and technologically advanced production processes. 

  • Cylinders: High-safety brass and nickel cylinders, produced according to the specifications of UNI EN 1303, with the most advanced anti-theft technology. 

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