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SKIL was founded in 1923-1924 under the original name "The Michel Electric Handsaw Company" and in 1926 was renamed to "SKILSAW Incorporated". By being the inventor of the circular saw in 1928, it has created an excellent reputation with a duration of 100 years. A reputation based on the sales of over 130 million power tools, on numerous awards in independent (consumer) tests and on the many inventions and patents. In 2016, it joins Chervon Holdings Ltd. 

SKIL’s range

By being upgraded both in terms of design and technological innovation, SKIL offers an economical solution combined with high performance. Its range includes cordless power tools, such as hammer drills, rotary hammers, angle grinders, orbital sanders , etc., corded power tools, such as electric screwdrivers, jigsaws, circular saws, etc., measuring instruments such as lasers, distance meters, etc., a complete range of farming and garden tools, such as blowers, lawn mowers, chainsaws of wide use, etc. and of course, power tools accessories

Versatile Batteries

SKIL provides all the innovations the DIY-er and the professional need to complete their tasks. To start with, for every tool and every task, there is one battery. The battery "20V Max Energy Platform" – the most versatile battery system – characterizes SKIL's new products. The battery is made to perform and designed to fit into all Energy Platform tools, which are available with or without battery, giving user the flexibility to add more tools to the toolbox, even from the complete range of garden tools. All tasks at home and garden with one battery and one charger. 


New Innovations

SKIL's best innovation, so far, is Keep Cool™ technology, which increases life time by up to 25% and doubles battery life. Patented heat dissipation technology prevents overheating of the battery, improving its performance. All batteries are equipped with ActivCell™ to provide more stable power. However, SKIL's innovations do not stop here. VRS+ technology aims to reduce vibration. A shock absorber is installed on the auxiliary handle that can move in all directions, reducing them incredibly. Finally, another innovation is the X-Flow system. The unique X-Flow dust absorption system separates dust from air without, the use of a filter. The main advantage is that it cannot clog the filter, thus ensuring a cleaner work of longer duration. For whatever you need–SKIL. 

SKIL in Greece

FOURNARAKIS S.A. distributes with great success SKIL's power tools in the Greek market for many years. The long-term leading position in the field of power tools, but, above all, its honest trade policy, gained the enthusiastic acceptance of its customers. The new red line of corded and cordless power tools, gives the customer the best experience for DIY tasks, because it performs quickly, easily and with absolute safety. A selected network of partners throughout Greece is waiting for you, to offer an economical solution combined with high performance tools, that have been upgraded both at design level, as well as in technological innovation and they are designed to perform. 


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