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About the brand

In 2005, the professional tools of FF GROUP TOOL INDUSTRIES are launched under the brand BENMAN

In a short time, it becomes the first choice of professionals and is established at the top of the tools market, in terms of design, quality and prices. BENMAN professional tools are positioned in the premium segment of the professional tools market and are the ultimate choice for demanding users, offering high performance, unmatched reliability and durability. They stand out for their unique, ergonomic, modern and attractive design, as well as their high quality construction. The brand covers a wide range of tools for professional and industrial use. 

BENMAN’s range

BENMAN’s range extends to the following key categories:  

Hand tools: A complete range of professional hand tools made for professionals, who require high efficiency and durability. 

Power tool accessories: A complete range of innovative accessories, capable of enhancing performance in the construction site, developed after a thorough investigation of the needs of professionals. 

Painting tools: A complete range of spatulas, stockpiles, trowels, sanders, as well as specialized series of paint rollers and abrasive products. 

Farming & Garden Tools: A wide variety of high quality farming tools, as well as garden tools, which simplify any task, from sawing and pruning up to mulching, watering and cleaning leaves. 

Personal Protective Equipment: An extensive range of protective gloves and shoes, which have all the necessary certifications for safety at work. 



Advanced production process

BENMAN tools are manufactured in leading factories, using production methods controlled by the most modern and advanced software, ensuring optimal thermal, mechanical and treatment of raw materials, resulting in a perfect product. 


BENMAN's products are made from high quality raw materials, in factories in Germany, England, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands, which have been carefully selected for their production processes, facilities, machinery and commitment to current international standards. Their quality is in accordance with European statutory standards. Tools bearing the VDE mark guarantee the safety of the user, even when working under high voltage conditions. 

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