International Presence

Our international presence operates today in 21 countries, in Europe and the Balkans, and our products are exhibited in over 2,000 stores.

Our International Course

As a leading company in its field, we are equally proud of our organized and remarkable international course. Our brands have established themselves abroad, by acquiring market share and our products enjoy recognition and assessment. We have managed to evolve, from a Greek family business in a company with an ever-growing geographical footprint. Having successfully completed 70 years of experience in the field, we set new goals and evaluate each opportunity for growth and further development.

Our export activity and extroversion are strategic objectives
for the further development of the company.

The International Sales Network

In recent years we have expanded our sales network, adding an ever-increasing number of satisfied customers, targeting the dominant stores of each country. The very well-designed sales channels which serve our partners are two: 

  • Local Salesteams covering specific geographic regions by country
  • Wholesalers who represent us in their countries and through our close cooperation and support, sell
    our products with great success in the respective markets.

There are also some clients who are served directly from the headquarters. Every day we provide the best value and quality to our customers, while building strong relationships in all the markets our products are present.

Our Exports at a glance


  • to

  • 21 countries

  • 2.000 sales points

  • 4 brands

Local sales teams

  • in

  • 4 countries

  • 500 stores

Authorizes distributors

  • in

  • 7 countries

  • 1.000 stores

Serve directly

  • in

  • 10 countries

  • 500 stores

Our Vision

However, we do not become complacent about our achievements and we are in a continuous process of expanding our activities. One of our main goals, of strategic importance for the development of the company, is the intensification of our export activity. 

The ingredients of our success are based on a mixture of knowledge, entrepreneurship and solid cooperation.  

The deep knowledge of the market, the constant exploration of opportunities, our ever-expanding product range, but also the strategic partnerships we have are the basis for penetrating new markets and continents.

Participation In International Exhibitions

We are constantly researching the opportunities that exude growth prospects and we strengthen in every way the recognition and presence of our brands abroad. For this reason, from 2016 until today, the company follows a dynamic strategy of extroversion by participating in the largest exhibitions in the industry, such as SEBE International Exhibition – South East Europe Belgrade Building Expo in Serbia, International Hardware Fair by Eisen Waren Messe in Italy and the Hardware Show in Ireland, enhancing further its commercial presence in the most important international markets. 

In every participation in the exhibitions, our products enjoy great acceptance, since visitors recognize their unique quality, as well as the business opportunity they offer to our potential customers, thus paving the way for new profitable partnerships.


Partners' Network
Our network of partners for the distribution of our hand and power tools is the largest network in field, with more than 1.500 retailers in the hardware industry.
Our Facilities
Our facilities serve the needs of both maintaining extremely high levels of stock, as well as our intense export activity.
Who We Are
FOURNARAKIS S.A., with a long history since 1948, is one of the leading suppliers of industrial tools and machinery in Greece, which, today, successfully provides a complete business proposal to its hardware stores-partners.