Updated & Specialized

  • We use the latest Technology

  • We have the right machinery and equipment

  • We have a large number of Spare Parts!

Our Service Department is equipped with the latest technology. The specialized, precision machinery ensures the best service for our clients, which differentiates us from the competition.


  • Tool Cleaning
    In the Washing Chamber we clean the tool according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Motor Condition Diagnosis
    With the Motor Diagnostic Tool (rotary-bobbin) we check its condition
  • Coil Check
    With the Alternating Current Transformer we examine the coils and the operation of the tool, from 0 to 220 Volt
  • Current Leakage Check
    With the Current Leakage Instrument we check the tool for current leakage, by subjecting it to currents of 0 to 5.000 Volts


  • Restoring the tool to mint condition
    The rotor collector is repaired on the Lathe, therefore achieving maximum electrical contact with the brushes. This way we repair the tool to its original performance, which increases the life cycle of the electric motor.
  • Precise Extraction/Placement of Spare Parts
    With the Press we ensure the precise extraction or placement of spare parts (ex. bearings, sprockets etc)
  • Best Operation Test
    We test each tool for their best operation, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, before it is dispatched to the sender.

24 Hour Repair Service

FF GROUP Power Tools

We provide a special service for FF GROUP Power Tools, a range suited for professionals, craftsmen and DIY users. As the sole distributor:

  • We repair all FF GROUP Power Tools within 24 hours, from the moment our fully equipped workshop recceives the power tool 
  • We carry a large number of spare parts for FF GROUP Power Tools, at our facilities
  • We have a highly qualified, experienced service team that can repair the entire range of  FF GROUP Power Tools

5 day Service*

Authorized & Official

FOURNARAKIS SA Service Department

  • Repairs and mantains the entire range of tools for the brands:
  • We provide the Manufacturers Guarantee for the following brands:
    SKILL, ANNOVI BLUE CLEAN, MARINA, ZIMER within our Service Department.
    Tools by BOSCH and DREMEL that are under guarantee are sent to the authorized repairers of BOSCH
  • We offer a 6 month warranty for the repairs we make to the tool (not for the entire tool)
  • We provide notification for each stage of the repair and the tracking location of the tool, because of our well organized and computerized workshop and logisitcs centre.




Complete Range and Spare Parts Availability

Rely on us to provide a Complete Range and large Quantities of spare parts at
very competitive prices 

  • We only use and supply authentic spare parts and consumables
  • We hold a wide range and number of parts  for the brands:
  • We receive daily shipments of spare parts, by the manufacturers

Inexpensive & Secure!


FOURNARAKIS SA has the means and know-how
to suggest even lower prices 

We provide competitive prices because:

  • It is company policy to maintain a low price for labour costs 
  • We secure special, low prices for spare parts, because we are the exclusive representative and we repair large quantities of tools
  • We achieve economies of scale, because we transport the tools with our own fleet of trucks, within the region of Attiki
  • We have a state-of-the-art Logistics Centre

Faster Service

Even Faster Service

No more delays. Fast repairs with precision 

We achieve shorter repair times:

  • Our up to date, fully equipped work shop allows us to diagnose the tool’s damage with precision and speed
  • Our experienced and highly qualified personnel respond quickly and accurately
  • We hold a large quantity and range of spare parts
  • We fast track procedures at all stages of the repair process

Our Team

The highly qualified team, with many years of experience in Service Depratment’s of large companies gets the job done efficiently and on time.

Dimitris Garantziotis

Technical Manager

Mechanical Engineer Graduate, with extensive experience in the construction industry, as well as the organisation and management of the Service Department for large companies.

Georgia Georgiadou

Service Technician

Mechanical Engineer Graduate, with many years of experience in organising and providing technical support for maintenance, in the Heavy Industries sector.

 Andreas Begisev

Service Technician

Certified Electronics Technician with many years of experience at one of the largest authorized Service Center of Bosch.

 Sergios Ivanovski 

Service Technician

Electrical Engineering Graduate with a license to practice and many years of experience in repairing  and maintaining power tools and high pressure washing machines.



*Within the time frame of the 5 day Service we include ONLY the following:
a) the time to evaluate the cost of repair and
b) the real time for repairing the tool, from the moment of the customers approval for the cost (
as long as the spare parts are in stock)

Spare parts of older tools or unpopular product codes, may not be in stock even with the suppliers.